07 Dec

One in particular had a very pretty face and I asked her to go to my room three times and she shot me down each.

That is pretty surprising but turns out she could tell I had no clue she was a ladyboy and knew from my mongering reputation (again, Snooky is a small town) that I wanted girls.

Syporn, with her many nicknames, cares for customers, serving drinks and chatting with local expatriates and tourists.

She is not shy to say she is a ladyboy; she will openly admit and make a point of it before a potential customer is interested in getting to know her.

So, Cambodia ladyboys (gets a few hundred Google searches a month, thought I’d throw up an article).

Well as I’ve blogged before, I lived in Sihanoukville for 7 months.


He has been a huge supporter of the drag queen show, here in Phnom Penh, as well as in Thailand, and performs in his own shows twice weekly at Blue Chilli Pub.Even though it’s one of the smaller towns I have been to in Asia, for some Sihanoukville happened to have the prettiest ladyboys I have seen.Maybe it was just because I was new to Asia at the time, or maybe the top tier Cambodia ladyboys flock there for the expats and dance was performed against a neon-flecked backdrop of a Korean Buddhist temple.Less traditional but no less exciting to the audience was a tepid rendition of “Gangnam Style” and Psy’s follow-up hit, “Gentleman.” A nod to the West came in the form of a spirited performance of Jennifer Lopez’s hit “On the Floor,” which featured dozens of dancers in feathered headpieces and a lead performer costumed as JLo in a top cut to the navel.