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12 Jan

I will be adding more patterns as time goes on so if you have a favorite you’re waiting for just let me know. I’m Angela from My Three Sons and I was a mechanical engineer in my life before kids.Again, just as we saw with the cathedral geese, the fold will not line up with the square, and this is A-OK.Next, place another 3 1/2" square of Fabric A on top of two fabrics, right side down, aligning the raw edges again on the bottom and right side. Bring your sewn unit back to the cutting table and grab another 3 1/2" square of Fabric A. Take the folded and partially sewn Fabric B/Fabric A unit and place on top, with the fold away from you, just as you did before, with the seam you just created on your left, and aligning the raw edges on the right and bottom sides. And now, welcome to the seventh block of the Cathedral Windows Quilt Along :) I'm going to show you how to make a Cathedral Star block, using two different kinds of units: a faux cathedral window for the center and "cathedral" geese for the star points.To piece the cathedral geese, begin with one 3 1/2" x 6 1/2" rectangle of Fabric B, which is my brown solid for me and two 3 1/2" squares of Fabric A, which is my blue Summersville print. Slide your finger underneath Fabric B, which will be your "goose", and grab the loose corner. Next, take the 6 1/2" square of Fabric B and fold in half, wrong sides together.Often, though, the needle bar will continue with normal sewing activity.Occasionally, it will continue at a much reduced rate of speed – slow motion sewing.

Carry this new sandwich to your sewing machine and sew a scant 1/4" seam to finish this unit. Open up those two seams you've created and finger press the seams open as best as you can. Next, try to pull your four Fabric A squares together in a four-patch formation.

Really an engineer to the core, I’m all about optimized processes and well-utilized materials.

I tried to figure out the best way to make the elusive cathedral window block.

Your Fabric B will start to turn itself into a diamond shape.

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