Chat about nudity

09 Jan

It’s powered by Skype, which is probably an excellent thing.

You have probably already decided whether you trust Skype and its technology, so you’re not sailing entirely into the unknown on that score.

The actors asked questions of each other and Kohan in the freewheeling session, seemingly discovering things about their costars they had never heard before, despite two years of working together. She was told they would keep her in mind for another part, and noted, “you hear that how fucking often?

“I’m fascinated you two got a full script,” Mulgrew drawled after Schilling and Aduba shared their memories of auditioning. I’m still waiting for that part they’re gonna write for me on ‘Law & Order’…

In a deft demonstration of corporate synergy, Netflix tapped new talkshow host Chelsea Handler to moderate a Q&A for “Orange Is the New Black,” the streaming service’s Emmy-nominated dramedy, on Monday night.

The “For Your Consideration” panel, held at the Directors Guild of America theater in Los Angeles, gathered series creator Jenji Kohan and Emmy-nominated cast members Taylor Schilling, Kate Mulgrew, Uzo Aduba, Natasha Lyonne and Laverne Cox, along with fellow stars Lea De Laria and Jason Biggs.

We did briefly discuss that, buuut we also spent some time talking about his insane mustache and his role in Harold & Kumar Go to White Castle. I promise you that in some cases, they are others we just got carried away in the fun.

If you want to know my thoughts on the movie, check out my review!

The raucous panel was dominated by the outspoken and playful cast — at one point Cox joked, “don’t you love how relaxed this is? ” — while a mellow Handler seemed content to let the stars shine without much interference. But then you made me wait — just like sex.” De Laria admitted that her own audition process had its share of stress, after she read and was told that the producers loved her, but not for the role she originally auditioned for.And Skype is now owned by Microsoft, a company you’ve probably also already decided whether you trust or not. Microsoft is much bigger – and used to being much bigger – than Facebook. Many more of those many more developers are involved with security. Fun is good, but like many things, too much fun often gets in the way of security.(If you are reading this on a Windows computer, an accurate first approximation is that you do.) Microsoft, despite being the archetype of closed-source software vendors, has consistently improved its attitude to security over the past 20 years, when it first wandered into the security field with a badge-engineered version of Central Point Anti-Virus. Perhaps, then, Facebook Microsoft-by-way-of-Skype will cause some of Redmond’s recognition of the long-term value of security to rub off on the social networking giant. You didn’t ask for help, so even if you think you need help now, consult a real-world friend you know and trust. Here’s some straight-talking advice on this issue: Paul Ducklin is a passionate security proselytiser. ) He lives and breathes computer security, and would be happy for you to do so, too.A Bigger Splash is the salacious psychological drama starring Oscar-winner Tilda Swinton and two-time Oscar nominee Ralph Fiennes alongside Matthias Schoenaerts (The Danish Girl) and Dakota Johnson (50 Shades of Grey), following a famous rock star and her young partner whose holiday retreat is crashed by her former lover and his estranged daughter.The film is playing nationwide this week (check here for session times near you) and we got a chance to talk to director Luca Guadagnino, who previously impressed with the 2009 Academy Award-nominated I Am Love.