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19 Dec

But Facebook believes this chat app has a place in that already busy lineup. It also was designed for mobile devices -- a departure from cramming Facebook's website features into a small program that fits on a screen nestled in the palm of your hand.

Facebook expects users will create Rooms based on various themes, such as snowboarding pictures, great classical music, or a love of the animated television show "My Little Pony." Rooms is just the latest example of Facebook's continued focus on refining how users send messages to one another.Since the chat rooms seem to not be working - and I see a lot of fibro-mites on the tube - Am offeirng use of the Old chat room which i had built many moons ago for the panic attack group - back before we had chat capabilities. Just ise the following log in with any name - preferrably your mad name.-----for those that don't have java, it's a quick java.comhugs, Raoul I will go there for a few hours to be a guide to any who want to use it Oh that was so much fun!You can change the color of your text, you can send silly sounds, I was telling them the story of what I did to my 16 year old daughter for our first pregnancy scare! We should start doing that every night as people drop in and out checking the forums and stuff.Please make sure you have read the chat rules listed above before participating.We have the following adult chatroom to choose from below.