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Large-arbor spools sport a wide design that increases backing capacity. And the two-tone silver and gloss-black finish presents the polished look of a reel costing hundreds of dollars more. If payment is made by personal check please allow 7-10 days for shipment otherwise shipment will be next day. However, I do accept payment through Pay Pal but prefer a check or money order because of the Pay Pal fees. My phone # is 215-956-0993 and my email address is [email protected] Shipping costs will depend on weight and the destination zip code. A wide range of drag tension is easily managed with a large, knurled knob. I will accept a money order, bank check or personal check.About a year ago we posted a piece regarding an old Ambasadeur 5000/6000 ad from 1955 and the fact that Garcia wasn’t mentioned anywhere.I contacted Bill Sonnett, who sent me the ad in the first place, and asked him what the deal was and who exactly was Julian A. He sent me to one of the ABU experts of the world, Fred Ribb, who explained to me that although Garcia was given the first shot at representing ABU in the U. in 1954, they balked at the chance and Julian Wesseler became the first rep in the states.Superb working order, still a great smooth reel to fish with but probably destined for the cabinet.Lovely chrome sits well against the black side plates and handle, smooth clutch and tough gearing allow you to play your catch , whilst the stainless bearings allow for some smooth casting.

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Unlike the ad we published last year from 1955, this ad only has one reel in it, the Swedish Record Ambassadeur 5000.Dual tension control aids casting too whatever the conditions or lure size.The chrome is in very good clean condition, the plates have had scattered wear sympathetically touched in to avoid future issues.PICTURED AT LEFT ARE REELS PURCHASED FROM AN OLD COLLECTOR FRIEND WHO RECENTLY PASSED. See Reels for Sale I just purchased 120 ABU Ambassadeur casting reels from a collector. These definitely are collectible items and a must have for the serious ABU collector. These are very rare as a few less than 500 were ever manuf.60% are new in the box reels and a number of unboxed reels ideal for the FISHERMAN. I would also consider using it in a trade transaction for a NIB Green 2500c NOSTALGIA REEL... This color is unique to this reel and has not been used on another model.