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08 Oct

Signed Coro without copyright mark, these jewels are in excellent, clean, sparkling condition.

The company’s work was greatly influenced by the Bauhaus School, a German art school from 1919 – 1933, which combined crafts with the fine arts.We will add additional designers as time permits and update these pages often. There is very little information about this company. Several design firms such as Anne Klein contracted with the firm to produce their designs because of the reputation Accessocraft had for quality workmanship. Back to top Arthur Pepper -I have seen different dates for their production 1940s- 1960s and 1950s-1980s -Also known as Mode Art Company, they produced medium to high priced costume jewelry under the name Art Mode Jewelry Creations, Inc.It is believed that they were one of the companies that sold kits to the public. Signature Designs: WWII relief pins, opera glasses, magnifying glasses, buttons, buckles. Back to top Founder: Isaac Manevitz - Born in Egypt and has a showroom in NYC. Figurals and especially fine Victorian and Art Deco replicas were among some of their finest work.The Bengel name and its connection to the distinctive Art Deco pieces made of metal and colored Galalith remained unknown until the late 1990s.Because of renewed interest, the factory has re-opened as a museum and has produced limited-edition Art Deco jewelry, using the old pattern books, original tools and same production methods. He and his wife, Yvette, founded the Spear Novelty Company and the Gay Bee Novelty Jewelry Company, both located at 212 S. Henry began to design and manufacture rhinestone jewelry around 1946.