Dating myspace com site

13 Oct

Dolce was christened the Queen of Myspace in a March 2006 Vanity Fair feature.At the time of the article, Dolce had amassed nearly 800,000 Myspace 'friends', including the band Nine Inch Nails and Inkmaster's Dave Navarro.

Bebo is a social networking website launched in 2005.

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From the site, she spun off a clothing line, Destroyed Denim, attracted a manager and a legion of fans, who referred to themselves as Camp For Bidde N.

Camp For Bidde N had a rival gang in the circle of TV personality Tila Tequila. But she has the brains, too.' At the peak of her fame, Dolce shot a celebrity pictorial for Playboy and appeared in the October 2006 issue.