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06 Oct

Bethune (from his 1847 edition and marginal notes of Walton and Cotton’s text) and on and on and on--- the legions of angling authors: those of merit and those of fluff are seemingly without end!

Expanded schedule for the 4th of July celebrations from June 26–July 1,, other than the composition of our equipment, and that using gear and techniques from those earlier times adds immeasurably to the experience when one is trying to fish exactly as they text of The Treatyse of Fysshynge Wyth an Angle (the printed edition of 1496 and the earlier manuscript from about 1450); the chef Thomas Barker’s The Art of Angling, 1651; the immortal Izaak Walton's first edition of The Compleat Angler,1653/ and the fifth edition which included his fishing (and drinking) companion Charles Cotton’s fly fishing and fly tying instructions, 1676); Richard and Charles Bowler (The Art of Angling (1747 and later editions); and Thomas Best and Capt.Williamson and the Boston merchant John Rowe, and George W.I have been a collector of Antique Fishing Tackle for over 20 years.And have been selling antique tackle in my shop since 1990. On this page, I wanted to offer a primer for antique dealers, beginning collectors, and anyone interested in old tackle. At the bottom of the page will be some links to other antique fishing tackle related sites.