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29 Nov

You can access any columnist's feed by replacing firstname-lastname in the following URL with the columnist's first name, a hyphen (-), and last name: to top What is a news reader?(Really Simple Syndication) is a method of receiving constantly updated links to your chosen websites.This will indicate to search engines that is the preferred URL for the story.Further details on how to use canonical URLs can be located HERE You are only permitted to ingest the content feeds made available here if you are an Affiliate of CBS Television Distribution.Google and My Yahoo and My MSN are among the many companies offering RSS readers for free. Apple's Safari web browser and Firefox include RSS reader functions. When you see the "RSS Feed Available" link and the orange "RSS" icon, you can use its link in your RSS Reader. Typically, you'll right-click on the links you want and choose "copy shortcut." Then paste the link into your news reader. Subscribe to RSS feeds from Kaiser Health News to stay up to date with health policy news.All KHN content KHN Morning Briefings KHN’s Stories You Can Use All content in this feed story can be republished for free.

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RSS Readers can allow you to subscribe to frequently updated web content including news stories, podcasts and blogs.

Instead of having to go to each website separately to see new stories, you can use RSS to view them easily, using a program called an RSS reader.

It's an easy way to automatically stay up to date on and other websites you like visit regularly.

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The ET content is currently offered as two different feed types - RSS and Full Text XML. The feeds will be auto-published every 15 minutes and you are required to automate your system to get the feed at least 3 times per hour in order to pick up any changes or updates.