Dave stewart and stevie nicks dating

15 Jan

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People always still think of us as a couple and yet we barely ever talk now,” muses Stewart, chatting at Hollywood's iconic rock'n'roll hotel The Sunset Marquis, where today he launches the Dave Stewart: Jumpin' Jack Flash & The Suicide Blonde photographic exhibition with accompanying coffee-table book.Three years ago she recorded a solo album there, “In Your Dreams”, with the producer and former Eurythmic Dave Stewart.She had moved from Aberdeen to study the flute at the Royal College of Music.Her bedroom décor is spare: a Buddha statue on the polished hardwood floor, a vintage globe on a stand, a white stuffed rabbit perched on some pillows, a modest flatscreen, a rack of stage clothes in the corner that serves as the only reminder that she's actually still on tour.Looming large in his signature whiskers and top hat against a backdrop of photographs of the women in his life – Demi Moore, Björk, Joss Stone and Sinéad O'Connor among them – Lennox's absence from Stewart's collection is constantly commented upon.