Diablo open beta updating setup files

21 Jan

Navigate Mac HD/Users/Shared/battle.net/Setup directory and move the Diablo III beta setup folder to the Trash 3.Navigate to ~/Library/Application Support/Blizzard directory and remove the Diablo III folder 4.Please check this link for more information: the Beta, several startup issues were resolved by setting the Diablo III tools to run in Compatibility Mode.At this time, Compatibility Mode for the retail tools is no longer needed.For whatever reason, with Internet Explorer set to work offline, the Diablo 3 installer was failing to do anything other than time out.Trying to dl the beta right now but it is stuck on "Updating setup files", and has been for about 5 minutes.I used to have it installed and working on this machine and removed my previous install using Add/Remove Programs.However, now when I try to reinstall the game, the Diablo 3 Setup starts 'Updating setup files...' and then hangs; I have had a quick google for ideas on how to fix it which seems to bring up a bunch of posts when the server loads were really high last year, nevertheless I have been through the list of suggestions, making sure that secondary login is enabled, running the installer as administrator, etc.

Most of these can be solved by commonsense troubleshooting techniques, but some others are a bit more .

Navigate to ~/Library/Preferences directory and delete any files that begin with com.blizzard Step 2 Firstly, if you bought the digital copy of the game, you'll need to make sure that your Diablo III installation is up to date with the latest files before running the installer or it'll likely freeze at a certain percentage or give you an "Error 08." You can download the latest version of the installer from the Account page on

You'll find the file you need under "Diablo III". Possible Problems for Mac users If you're running on a Mac, the installer may crash at around 40% with an MPQ error or simply freeze at 69%.

I remember reading something before about some agents or something a while back but can't find the threads and not sure if that's my problem. well i havnt really encountered that problem once i started it in admin mode. Maybe there is some feedback to be found on the tech forums on offical d3 forums.

But im rather lazy atm so cba looking it up for you! After trying all of the options posted to no avail, I started fiddling with it myself.