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08 Jan

They wanted to find out more about this drug that is little-known around the world – this drug that is used almost solely to commit criminal acts such as robberies and rapes upon other human beings.

According to one drug dealer in Bogota, Colombia, named Demencia Black, once the seed of the flower has been synthetically processed, the drug has a similar weight, density and look to that of cocaine.

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Derived from the Borrachero tree, which grows freely in part of South America, Scopolamine – better known on the street as ‘The Devil’s Breath’ or ‘Burundanga’ – has the ability to rob people of their own free will.It makes people openly susceptible to suggestions by complete strangers – unable to think “Wait a minute.This doesn’t seem right.” Last year, VICE reporters went to Colombia to find out more information about The Devil’s Breath that grows rampant through the country, hiding itself as a beautiful flower hanging down from a tree.However, one gram of The Devil’s Breath is enough to kill up to 10 or 15 people.And, Black ensures that in order for the drug’s effects to take place, it does not even have to be ingested – simply inhaled from the air – making it incredibly dangerous.