Gal not updating in outlook

04 Dec

In this blog we will see how easy it is to add your photos to GAL and create your own identity.

In Exchange Server 2010 it was first introduced, however end user never had an option to upload the photos of their choice. Exchange Server 2013 allows end users to upload the photos of their choice. Lets Explore For testing purpose we have used Microsoft Outlook 2010.

Figure 1.3 : User Properties as seen on GAL using Outlook.

Now if you want to add photos you have to login to OWA and follow the instructions as shown below.

Problems caused by screen resolution and non-default display settings has been an issue with Outlook, often with buttons and parts of dialogs missing.

The Solution: Epicenter Server gives your users their own local copy of the corporate address book.

Figure 1.4 : Settings In figure 1.4 go to settings and Select Options as shown above. Uploading photos is now just few clicks and you are done.

Figure 1.5 : Edit information Figure 1.6 : Photo Option Figure 1.7 : Photo uploaded.

But it is a somewhat new concept in Exchange Online and Office 365, and there isn’t a great deal of information on it out there yet.

Before we can jump into setting up GAL objects and policies, we need to grant ourselves permissions to manage address lists in Office 365 (this permission is not enabled by default).