How to stop others from intimidating you christian dating service indianapolis

03 Feb

Whether someone is using their wealth, beauty, or power to get you to do things or just to torment you it can make life unpleasant.

Intimidation can happen everywhere, in all walks of life and can occur in any age group.

We’ve all been in the company of someone who makes us feel on edge, uneasy or unsure of ourselves.

As a female, I know one of the most uncomfortable feelings is pressure or intimidation by other females.

As a general rule, I have often found that the people I encounter who are aggressive, judgemental, miserable, rude or just plain horrid usually have a reason for being the way they are.

As a Psychologist, I find it easy to look beyond the behaviour to the underlying reasons. Having said that, understanding the reasons doesn’t automatically make me like someone! When we come across an angry and unhappy person, many of us take this behaviour personally. I remember when I worked at Broadmoor Hospital, we would have supervision to help us cope with the various personalities we had to deal with.

Narcissistic personalities have no psychological brakes. If you are in the middle of a divorce they might call, text or email you 40 times a day or more to get your attention or to intimidate you. They are very restless people and determined to step over any number of “bodies” to reach their goal.

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People who are constantly intimidated go through many feelings, but there are many steps that you can take to help eliminate intimidation.Same goes for intimidation, if your persona is communicating an annoyed or irritated state other women are going to treat you with the same demeanor.Intentionally intimidating others is a form of emotional abuse.The person who had come to talk to us explained that the aggressive and intimidating behaviour that we received most days from those held in Broadmoor was more about them than it was about us.She went on to explain that these negative behaviours were projections of inner misery and chaos.