Is ryan from teen mom still dating dalis dating articles amp information

29 Jan

She moved out of her house that she had with Kyle, and moved in with three close friends of hers along with Bentley.(Kyle is in the process of moving all of his stuff back to Nashville).Shortly after the news of Ryan’s addiction broke, Ryan’s ex-girlfriend Dalis Connell entered the fray, saying Ryan had a drug problem and a short rehab stint for Roxycodone when they were together in 2012, making this an addiction at least 5 years in the making.

However, in response, Connell shut down Jen's claims that she was paid for the interview and said she was simply answering a question she was asked.

She is now dating Professional Motocross & Supercross racer, Kyle Regal.

Maci travels the country speaking to different colleges about teen pregnancy prevention.

You may have seen Woods featured on Edwards' Instagram account as his "Woman Crush Wednesday" in recent months.

The couple broke up in October 2014, but seemed to get back together afterwards, following a brief Twitter war.