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19 Jan

23, 2009, on the shores of Lake Winnipesaukee in New Hampshire. *** Soon after my bar mitzvah, just as I was discovering my interest in the opposite sex, I began to be bombarded with information about intermarriage—about how one in every two Jewish people would marry a non-Jew and how more than half of the children of those unions would not be raised Jewish. But as I fell in love with her, she fell in love with me—and with my Judaism as well.The girl is led to believe that Jeff fancies Alice, not her.Jeff is led to believe that 'Shadayim' is the girl’s name, when in fact it’s Hebrew for 'breast'.The next day the girl is back and Jeff attempts to chat her up.With neither speaking a word of the other’s language, it is an utter disaster.This page contains more in-depth info on the subject - tips on how to meet Jewish girls as well as advice for Jewish dating and relationships...On other fronts the Israeli men are very innovative and entrepreneurial.

Weeks earlier Dershowitz labeled Roberts a “serial prostitute” whose testimony could not be trusted “against somebody with an unscathed reputation like me.” While Dershowitz’s hysterical misogyny may seem puzzling, it is hardly out of character.It's a tough call, but a particularly squirm-worthy moment is when Jeff shouts "breasts" in Hebrew across the crowded bar.Steve gives him a thumbs-up and shouts "breasts" back. The attraction is mutual, but they struggle with a language barrier. The girls are just jealous of the Israeli girl who is very beautiful. Her interpreter, Alice, tells Jeff she’s Israeli, then whisks her away. can’t take their eyes of a beautiful stranger in their local bar. Jeff goes over to talk to her, only to discover that she doesn’t speak a word of English, which to Jeff of course is quite a relief.