Kontakt web cam

29 Jan

Hardware build by OZ2HNS for use in our clubstation OZ8SMA You can read about the goertzel formular here : en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Goertzel_algorithm washington.edu/courses/cse466/12au/calendar/here you can see my test setup ...

Both cameras are used to monitor activities around the South Pole Station and to support international scientific efforts.Due to the extreme cold and darkness during the Antarctic austral winter, both cameras may experience downtime or even be disabled to protect the hardware.For information about current research conducted at the South Pole, see the NSF South Pole Research Projects page.Hier wird das Kamerabild von der EYE-02 MMS-Kamera von Jablotron, welche am Heimritz montiert ist, Online gestellt. Das Bild wird jede halbe Stunden aktualisiert, wenn keine technischen Störungen wie zuwenig Strom oder kein Natel-Empfang auftreten.