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16 Nov

Will Saudi Arabia’s experiment in economic reform outlast the low oil prices that precipitated it?OPEC ended 2016 with an agreement to cap output in an effort to drive prices back up—that should raise Saudi Arabia’s income again and remove some of the immediate pressure to diversify the kingdom’s economy.Saudi Arabia’s previous dalliances with economic reform have generally only lasted until oil prices rebounded.Are the Saudis more serious and committed to these difficult but necessary reforms this time around? Anything related to Artificial Intelligence Markup Language (AIML), the Turing Test, Mobile Virtual Assistants, bot hosting services, free and proprietary chat bot software. Foundation news items, announcements, press releases and opinions.Based on the types, the Chatbots market is segmented into Solution and Services.The Services market is segmented into Professional and Managed Services.

Despite its limited usage only in large enterprises, the chatbot market is potent industry and would be a potential market during the forecast period.

It is a service, which is a computer based program and operates over the internet.

Chatbots have gained prominence in various applications such as in e-commerce based customer service, internet gaming, and also largely in call centers.

Expect it to continue to try to occupy territory when possible, as al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula has in Yemen, and if it cannot find space in Syria by pushing into regime-held areas like it recently did in Palmyra, look for the Islamic State to reinvigorate another franchise, like it’s affiliate in Libya.

Is this the year that the Middle East will wind down its civil wars?