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26 Oct

Awaiting them were five weeks of on-site teaching with Rome itself as the classroom for the study of art and architecture, from the ruins of antiquity to the medieval basilicas with their splendid mosaics to the papal monuments of the Renaissance and Baroque periods.

We even touched on the creations of Fascist period architecture, as well as the most recent contributions to the city, like Richard Meier’s Ara Pacis building, which was not quite complete when we toured it.

After Round 3 is done, another 2 Sounds are thrown out, then another 2 after Round 4, then one more after Round 5 before there is a tune fi tune to determine the winner of the knockout event where the judgement is given back to the people who determine the tune-fi-tune winner by voting with their show of hands. After a Round’s conclusion, the Judgmaster receives the final numbers from the Accountant and then delivers them to the MC who makes the announcement to the crowd as to who has earned how many points and which Sounds are eliminated and which ones advance. Street Team Live Presents; The 3rd Annual ATM Nah Pressure None ...…As you can see on the Fully Loaded Structure Chart (left), Rounds are short, between 6 – 8 minutes, and Sounds can incorporate 45’s during the first three Rounds. A German woman in her early-forties insists on accompanying her husband to Las Vegas, where he has a business conference.Unknown to her the conference is a pretext; he's there to find a psychic who will help him contact his sister who vanished at fourteen.