Lonely people phone dating

27 Oct

Evidence states that 3.1 million people aged over 65 have no contact with a friend, neighbour or family member in any one week and over 1.8 million do not see anyone they know in a month.

Troubled by these stats, I spoke to Brighton volunteer charity, Time To Talk Befriending (TTTB), to see what's involved in inter-generational befriending projects.

Strikingly in the study, 16 percent of Americans with post-graduate degrees reported they have no confidants, up from just one percent in 1985.

The study generated a lot of criticism and comments for its methodology.

Just because we are alone does not mean we will feel that painful feeling of inner emptiness or loneliness.

, you only see candidates who are friends of your friends on Facebook.

It’s like having friends set you up on a blind date — but without the awkwardness of the surprise part.

Unfortunately dating apps offer a quick fix of false intimacy, which can become addictive to people who are feeling lonely.

Yet the cause of loneliness doesn't always come from being alone, it comes from a lack of deep and meaningful relationships, which take time and can't realistically be built on a foundation of pouting selfies and sexting.