Ms project screenupdating property

06 Feb

The “New Microsoft Office COM Add-in” project wizard will start.Select your preferred programming language and the minimum supported Office version your add-in needs to support. Click ‘Next’ and select the supported application, which in this scenario will only be Microsoft Word. This code does the following:1) Opens an existing spreadsheet2) Shows it on screen3) Writes some data from a table to several different worksheet cells4) Selects a worksheet and 'Autofits' the cells5) Saves the existing file6) closes it Private Sub Excel Code()Dim app Excel As Object Dim work Book As Object Dim work Sheet As Object' Open an existing spreadsheet Set app Excel = Get Object("C:\Accounting\File1.xls")' Show spreadsheet on screenapp Excel. Thanks to the excellent users on this forum with great tips, here is the basic code I used to finally make it work.

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(See Application Events for a discussion of Application events.) An event is said to be when the action that initiates the event occurs and the application automatically sends a signal to all components connected to event-generating object (e.g, a Worksheet) indicating that the event has occured.

The final design of the custom task pane, should resemble the following image: With the task pane open in the Visual Studio designer, double-click the Add Document button to generate a Click event handler stub.

Add the following code to the event handler: The code listed above will open a file dialog, with which the user can select a MS Word document.

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