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17 Sep

Radiolab is a radio program broadcast on public radio stations in the United States produced by WNYC.

He scores 30 to 40 percent of the music himself, he estimates, and mashes up other people’s work for the rest. This American Life has a sound, Marketplace has a sound — you know it when you hear it.

Said Abumrad: “Storytelling, not so much the reporting and the journalism, but the actual act of telling a story is a very musical thing, and suddenly I was able to put it all into one task, which was awesome, because I’d always held them to be very separate, you know, like, They didn’t seem to have anything to do with each other. How do you hang on to a successful formula while also trying to break free from it?

But over the course of trying to be a journalist, somewhere along the way I just ended up in this middle ground, which is what I think the show embodies. “I think about Stefan Sagmeister,” the Austrian graphic designer, “who every six years, I think it is, seven years, he just quits his life and moves to some distant spot on the globe and just throws himself into some new art and comes back, refreshed.

Radiolab’s app does the opposite: instead of a clean pane of buttons or content, it presents a Wes-Andersonian scene with a vintage radio and mod drafting lamp tastefully arranged in front of a window peering out onto a meadow made of paper-cutouts.

Tapping on some of these elements invokes a cute bit of animation or weird sound effect, but in order to get to any actual content, you have to swipe downwards, which rockets you “through” the window, over the paper-cutout meadow (and a cow wearing a “Pledge Now” banner), into a New York cityscape, finally landing on a more normal-looking menu of audio episodes.