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14 Aug

In January of 2014, we both got to the point that we knew we had to make a radical change.

My husband, Daniel, was having serious health concerns and I knew for either of us to be successful we had to do it together and support one another.

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On Friday June 17, 2011 Becca ventured out with her friend and co-worker, Diana.

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But that's not to say there haven't been a few bumps on the road to wedded bliss…. That might be a little hard, because we'd both be there eight times a week. As far as one working and the other one not working: You know you're in love with somebody when you're more excited when they're doing stuff and you can sit back and watch them shine. She was kind and easy to be with and beautiful and sexy and talented and all those things.

Danny Burstein and Rebecca Luker became friends in 1996 working on a show in San Diego. In a way it's worked out well for us, because there's always one person at home to keep the home fires burning. I'm just terrible without another person to be with. That's really when you know that everything's working. I just knew that this was the person that I'd been waiting for.

Eight times a week, Danny Burstein sings Jerry Bock and Sheldon Harnick's unconventional love song "Do You Love Me? At home, however, he never has to ask that question. Some people might find that hard, but we hate spending any time away from each other. When one of us goes out of town — even if it's just for a couple of nights — we hate it. Danny, what's your favorite thing that Rebecca cooks? DB: I actually found something that I think was lacking in my first marriage. My ex-wife and I dated when we were 16, and we made life decisions when we were 16. It was more sad than anything else, because we were very different people.

He and wife Rebecca Luker are that self-proclaimed "sickening" couple who can't stand to be apart. RL: Danny always makes me better when I work with him…DB: Oh, please RL: He does! But, as far as starring together on Broadway, I'm not sure. DB: We have a little getaway place in Pennsylvania that we try to get out to every weekend, and when we get out there, Rebecca bakes some pita chips and makes a white bean dip with garlic that's from the heavens. DB: She also makes a fantastic margarita, and we sit out on our dock on the lake and we have white bean dip and margaritas. Then, I found somebody who liked the things that I liked, as well, and believed in the same things that I believed in.