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30 Nov

Social media erupted with comments and tweets of sadness, disbelief, and questions about how the CBS show will proceed without two members of the “core four” — the original group that made up the Five-0 task force.From the start, “Five-0” has consisted of Commander Steve Mc Garrett, played by Alex O’Loughlin; Detective Danny “Danno” Williams, played by Scott Caan; and cousins Chin Ho Kelly, played by Kim, and Kono Kalākaua, played by Park.Over the last seven seasons, they have added other members to the team, but only Captain Lou Grover, played by Chi Mc Bride, and Jerry Ortega, played by Jorge Garcia, remain as additional task force members.Really to fans — the loss of two key members of the Five-0 Team cuts deep.Still fans are also remembering what they love about both actors and their respective characters.Kim’s character Chin Ho Kelly — seen as a wronged man who found salvation in Five-0 — was beloved from the start.President Palmer prepares for a presidential debate with Senator John Keeler.

I know Sutherland is a good actor so anything he does I know is going to be performed well. I was glad to see Vanessa Ferlito, too, being a fan of hers since watching CSI: New York - The First Season.Rob directed the second-year MFA program in and conducted Shakespeare lecture.Clare got an invitation from the School of Dramatic Arts for a seven-week artist residency for the lecturing in the School.One of the motivational Freelance specialist and an actor, Rob Clare was born in a middle-class family.Rob completed his primary education from the Central School of Speech (CSSD).