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17 Aug

When the couple started having health problems, Hollie Dennis and her husband, who were living next door, stepped in to help. "It's been the hardest year-and-a-half I think, but it's also been the most amazing," said Hollie Dennis, Chante's adoptive mother.

Chante and Hollie are both big Pokemon fans and have matching Pokemon necklaces that say 'I choose you'.

The benefits are obvious, if the technology can keep pace.They weren't & now I'm being asked to "move on and find another place" after cleaning everything myself.Not sure of my rights.[FL] Someone bought the house next door that has several large dying trees in between. ”“Brother Bernie and I come from a great tradition,” West said, “the tradition of Martin Luther King, Jr.and Albert Einstein; the tradition of Helen Keller and Ella Baker; the tradition of John Dewey — who is the founder of pragmatism, but he was a democratic socialist, too.”“And my dear brother, one of the greatest folk I’ve ever met in Iowa,” he continued, “his name is Reverend Gil Dawes, who’s a Methodist minister, who has been struggling for fifty years and still on fire for justice!