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15 Dec

Six years ago, when I was a girl growing up in a slum in southern Ghana, it was normal to hear stories of teenagers having abortions; of 14-year-olds giving birth; and of 18-year-old men beating their prepubescent girlfriends because they refused to wash their partner’s clothes.

No one in a position of authority – like parents or teachers – seemed concerned that the victims were unmarried girls, often below the legal age of consent.

Gosh, the only time I have broken off is when the pizza man knocks at the door… This is why women would not be allowed to use the internet when I establish my own country…LOL.

Where can we find women who will rather shut everything down for good quality time?

You will find lots of live blacks here, all day and all night.

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The findings, taken from Cosmopolitan magazine’s Sex and Social Media survey reveals that women are spending so long online chatting to friends or flirting in chatrooms their real relationships are suffering.

Continue Reading → Synnøve kommer slentrende ned gaten og gjenkjenner to pornoskuespillere, som heter Lasse og Jesper.interessert og inviterer de to guttene hjem til seg for å sjekke om dem er like gode i senga som de er på film....

Diameter on crater floor suggest that further issues of the day were make sure she's not fucking it up for everyone.

Has s*x become that boring and useless to this current generation of women?

Maybe the men are not working things hard so it is better for the women to stay online than waste their time with 1 minute men.