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Their dad, Brian (Jason Patric), takes the news better than mom Sara (Cameron Diaz), who is fiercely and overbearingly devoted to Kate’s welfare, often to the neglect of her husband, younger daughter and son Jesse (Evan Ellingson).Writer-director Nick Cassavetes and co-scribe Jeremy Leven retain Picoult’s technique of narrating the story from multiple points of view, interwoven with flashbacks that trace Kate’s declining health and its impact on the family at every stage.To the extent that many will deem the assault highly successful, Warner’s “Keeper” could be a sleeper, especially as a femme-friendly alternative to the latest “Transformers.” Adapted from Jodi Picoult’s 2004 bestseller, “My Sister’s Keeper” is the saga of the long-suffering Fitzgerald family, pivoting on a crucial moment in the lives of two sisters: teenage Kate, who was diagnosed with leukemia at an early age and has been in and out of hospitals ever since, and 11-year-old Anna, who was conceived in vitro as a perfect genetic match for Kate — a living repository of blood, bone marrow and other bodily resources.So when Anna marches into a lawyer’s office and announces her decision to sue for “medical emancipation” — which would free her from her obligation to donate the kidney that could save Kate’s life — their parents feel understandably shocked and betrayed.It is presented as a standard element of sex offender treatment in Arizona.While Louisiana authorities are set to play the biggest role if Sharper fails to comply with the deal, the states of California and Arizona have been designated to supervise him to ensure his lifestyle is forever changed.She screams at him for letting their daughter leave the hospital, he screams back, and they threaten to divorce each other.Not once does Brian mention what the doctor told him, or that everything has been arranged.

Unsubtle, uneven and undeniably effective, this take-no-prisoners cancer weepie poses a fascinating moral quandary — a girl fighting her parents for the right to control her body while her older sister wastes away from leukemia — as a mere pretext for a full-scale assault on the viewer’s tear ducts. Born to save my sister’s life.” So begins “My Sister’s Keeper”, based on the 2004 best-selling novel by Jodi Picoult, and directed by Nick Cassavetes (director of the 2004 movie “The Notebook”).Andromeda Fitzgerald azért született meg mesterséges megtermékenyítés után, hogy halálos beteg nővérének vért, csontvelőt, szerveket adományozhasson, annak életben maradásához.Let's hope it can break the hoo-doo of recent open films which have all been picked on commercial rather than critical grounds - mediocre, solid but that's all.I give you films such as THE CONSTANT GARDENER, FROST/NIXON and oh, that awful biopic, SYLVIA. We have a voice cast stuffed with Anderson regulars - Owen Wilson, Angelica Huston - but we also have top notch British characters - Michael Gambon, Helen Mc Crory - not to mention genuine Hollywood A-list in Meryl Streep (stepping in for Cate Blanchett as Mrs Fox).