Stanley huang xu jinglei dating

13 Sep

Weiwei is devastated to discover that Jim Wang, CEO of her company's new client, NASDAQ-listed jewellery firm Jinxiu, is in fact Wang Yang (Duan Yihong), the boyfriend who suddenly disappeared seven years ago after she'd supported him through hard times.Now Wang Yang has returned from the US to China as a wealthy businessman and is looking to patch things up with Weiwei.Xu plays the titular Du Lala, a woman in her late twenties who finally manages to land a job as a lowly secretary in the sales department of a prestigious international firm.Hard working, dedicated, and overflowing with ideas and energy, she quickly catches the eye of her superiors, in particular that of sales director Huang Wei (Taiwanese popstar Stanley Huang).Suspecting he has a mole on her team, she discovers who it is and plants false information.

Both Enemy and Love benefited from great screen chemistry between their leads (XU Jinglei and Stanley HUANG; BAI Baihe and WEN Zhang), but I Do, with almost no regular "plot", entirely depends on it — to the extent that, with a different cast, it could have ended up as just a routine movie about a 30-plus career woman courted by two dodgy men. Her late grandmother, Chen Lanxin (Xu Jinglei), who effectively raised her, had lived in the city after World War II, so Jin Tian already felt a connection with it. After being dumped by her fiance Qi Xin (Huang Lixing), Jin Tian (Wang Likun), soon to turn 30, flies to the Czech capital and signs up for a year’s Czech language course.I would never have guessed it's Xu Jinglei by looking at this photo. You sure the magazine didn't use someone else's photo, but telling everybody it's her?