Updating iis to 6

09 Oct

If you set this property at a lower level, it will have no effect. Administration Module Sample Sub Main() Dim server Manager As Server Manager = New Server Manager Dim config As Configuration = server Manager. The default value is element to enable output caching for files with the file name extension. Get Application Host Configuration Dim caching Section As Configuration Section = config. If this is not the case or for some reason normal replication is failing then a manual process can be used to toss out the entire copy of AD information in the SQL database’s address book store and regenerate a completely new copy.To rebuild Lync’s copy of the AD data simply use the cmdlet.By default, IIS provides as the protocol listener that listens for HTTP and HTTPS requests.

Otherwise you will get following message after hosting application in IIS. So to register framework in IIS, run the following command in command window. NET version v4.0.30319 without updating all script maps.These components include protocol listeners, such as HTTP.sys, and services, such as World Wide Web Publishing Service (WWW service) and Windows Process Activation Service (WAS).Protocol listeners receive protocol-specific requests, send them to IIS for processing, and then return responses to requestors.The general recommendation is to work only with TLS 1.2.However, sometimes this causes compatibility issues. Thus, it is useful if you can enable the protocols again quickly if problems come up.