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Genital warts are quite contagious, while common, flat, and plantar warts are much less likely to spread from person to person.

HPV infection of the skin in the genital area is the most common sexually transmitted infection worldwide.

Recognizing that the Expert Panels/Work Groups did not consider evidence beyond 2011 (except as specified in the methodology), the ACC, AHA, and collaborating societies plan to begin updating these guidelines starting in 2014.

The joint ACC/AHA Task Force on Practice Guidelines (Task Force) appointed a subcommittee to shepherd this transition, communicate the rationale and expectations to the writing panels and partnering organizations, and expeditiously publish the documents.

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Although the Task Force led the final development of these prevention guidelines, they differ from other ACC/AHA guidelines.

Some HPV types, such as HPV-5, may establish infections that persist for the lifetime of the individual without ever manifesting any clinical symptoms.

HPV types 1 and 2 can cause common warts in some infected individuals.

Immunological control is HPV type-specific, meaning an individual may become resistant to one HPV type while remaining susceptible to other types.

In one study, infection by HPV types 2, 27, and 57 was found in people with warts, while infection by HPV types 1, 2, 63, and 27 was found in people with clinically normal skin.