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06 Feb

not previously associated with your account, you will need to visit an Enrollment Center located in a public building or airport.

No appointment is needed, but please try to contact the Enrollment Center first.

Global Entry members often wonder what effect renewing their passports will have on their membership.

Unfortunately, when you renew a passport, your Global Entry account doesn’t automatically update itself.

If you are notifying us of a new name on your passport, you should provide official evidence of the name change, for example certified copies of the name change certificate or marriage certificate. If your current passport contains an unexpired visa, it may become invalid so you will need to check with the issuing authority whether your visa in your cancelled passport can still be used (you can request your cancelled passport is returned to you). Pease note, if you live overseas, you need to apply for your British passport from your nearest British mission. However, your new passport will be credited with extra time (up to nine months) towards the unexpired time on your current passport. If you are applying for your first passport and the name you are known by is different to the name on your birth certificate, you will need to enclose with your passport application a document called a Deed Poll (also known as a Change of Name Deed), which shows your name changing from your birth name to the name you are known by. Please see section 7 for further information about how to apply for your passport whilst living overseas.