Updating the adm files used by group policy management

16 Sep

PST files have long been seen as a way to archive mail out of an Exchange mailbox, often to get the mailbox under a quota limit.

However, the use of PST files causes Exchange administrators some serious pain when it comes to managing e-mail.

We will make the Windows 8.1/Server 2012R2, Office 2013, and a few other ADMX files available to our entire IT department.

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However, all you need to do to get Group Policy support for Firefox and Chrome is to load the corresponding ADM files.

These templates contain a few of the most important settings, but you can use the Preference Reference to extend them further.

DC 2017 (Classic track only) If you’ve used the Wizard to create a transform MST file for a custom installation, you apply that MST while installing the application during deployment of the GPO package.

Google offers their own administrative template files to help with GPO.

Although Firefox does not support it natively, there is an open source ADM file called Firefox ADM that will allow us automatic configuration through GPO.