Usps electronic shipping info received not updating

26 Jan

Status: International Dispatch Your item left the United States from NJI at AM on May 19, 2008.Information, if available, is updated every evening. Detailed Results: Bullet International Dispatch, May 19, 2008, am, NJI Bullet Electronic Shipping Info Received, May 14,...

That all said, shipping to different countries can take a month or so, especially if your customs inspection takes a week or more to pass the mail item into the country.

The ebay buyer just sent me an email saying he hasn't received the item yet. It also does not take into account any sort of delay in clearing Customs at the foreign destination.

Now that the item has left the US, you will have better luck in using the tracking application at the destination countries website.

orders are shipped securely in a cardboard box or padded envelope with a USPS delivery confirmation number.

If your delivery confirmation number states "Status: Electronic Shipping Info Received" with no other details, this means that your package is still in the delivery process and will not update until the actual time of delivery.