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11 Dec

My mom was like, 'Oh, Daren's actually in the hospital.'"What did you learn from dating your high school girlfriend for two years?

DK: "I definitely learned never to fall in love in high school because it just takes over your brain. Find out about his first kiss, his celeb crush, and his worst habit!

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He was born in a place called Encino, which lies in California of United States of America.

DK: "I got really bad grades, so I'd hide my report card from my dad.

My mom was in on it too, because she knew he'd be furious. Seriously."Can you relate to your character Ricky's bad-boy tendencies? One time in high school, this group of guys egged my car on Halloween.

He is a tall man as he has a brilliant height of 6 feet, which is around 1.83 meters.

He is also active in popular social networking sites such as Instagram and Twitter as he likes to upload his pictures and posts in those sites to share them.