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22 Sep

Her recent Bollywood film, Raees with Shahrukh left a great impact on the Indian audience and since then. According to sources, Ranbir and Mahira met during one of their trips and got along pretty well and since then, the two have been in touch. Source have said that their relationship which was casual has now turned into something more than just a casual relationship and rumors are that both the actors are currently allegedly dating. While Katrina was busy learning Hindi and dance, Salman apparently took care of her work permit in India, her new home and guided her when she was climbing up the tough ladders of the film industry.Ranbir Kapoor's name has become synonymous with beautiful women and it is not too hard to guess why.Although the news spread like wildfire, Mahira Khan refuted all the rumors and announced the denial on her Instagram account by posting a pic (below) letting her fans know that the rumors are false. Reports also say that when Ranbir was asked to name an actress that he finds pretty, he said, “Mahira Khan from Pakistan is very pretty”.

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When Katrina (who is British and changed her surname from Torquette to Kaif) landed in Bollywood from London, she was with the much older Bollywood superstar Salman Khan.Being the diva she is, it is impossible for a celebrity to not be a part of any rumor.The famous celebrity, Mahira Khan who has made her appearance in multiple TV serials, movies and TVC’s has also been victimized and made part of a rumor.When she is not with him, he is constantly on the phone with her. And though Kat is maintaining a cool exterior, it is evident that she is irritated.” Interestingly, lately Ranbir has stated that he won't be going for an arranged marriage and would marry the girl with whom he falls in love.